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Claireville Conservation Area is a large, relatively dense forested retreat in the southeast corner of Brampton. Flowing through this historic conservation area is the West Humber River. In the early 1800s, this river powered the McVean Grist Mill, run by Alexander McVean who may have been the first settler in the Toronto Gore Township. The mill no longer remains, as it was destroyed by fire in 1850. But you can still see the remains of an open canal flume.
(from Brampton.ca)

The Claireville Conservation Area, one of the largest tracts of land owned by the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), is unique. It was acquired in 1957 to construct a flood control dam and reservoir after the destruction caused by Hurricane Hazel. The park is a 848 hectare (2,100 acre) parcel of conservation land located on the west branch of the Humber River in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. (from Wikipedia)
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